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Need BTC - offering PS$
  Luckb0xx, Jun 07 2017

Not talking about much, just in the 50-100$ range

please pm me if you got btc and are willing to help me out


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my paypal your pokerstars
  Luckb0xx, Mar 20 2016

Hey guys, decided to play some tonight since its a big sunday!

looking for just a few bucks, maybe ~100$ or my 100€ your 110$ on ps

Please PM me or post thx in advance

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Good second session!
  Luckb0xx, Jan 07 2014

I hope I can continue with these blog-entries for a while.. a good third session, fourth and so on.. i wouldnt mind

played several mtts on today with absolutely no cashes.. along with the miniFTOPS, the 26$ 12k$ and the 11$ 5k$ superstack on Full Tilt

yay me

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Was about to make a deal when we were down to HU, i had 2M he 1M, he declined after all, then he doubled through me w/ 44 vs my 99 pfai but then I got incredibly lucky lol.. like literally.. but u know.. my username meeh ;P

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~ Luckb0xx.

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